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What is
DarkPico Coin

DARKPICO coin isn't developed just for fund-raising. There’s heaps of privilege hooked up to that for initial investors. once we say privilege, we tend to mean it by giving initial preference in client service, commerce fees, and heap a lot of.
Apart from privilege access, DARKPICO coin are going to be accustomed try new coins that we tend to list on our exchange, aside from the one mentioned in our written report. calculative this size of entire Cryptocurrency market, and additionally considering the long run size of entire cryptocurrency area, 250 million DARKPICO coins can have a large scope of adoption. With a lot of adoption, a lot of users can be part of the exchange and therewith said; DARKPICO coin can play a major role, as all new coins shall be paired with DARKPICO.


Why Darkpico Coin

DARKPICO coin is steam-powered by the foremost scalable and advance Blockchain technology the ability instant and personal payments. Use DARKPICO to form instant, personal payments on-line or in-store exploitation our secure ASCII text file platform hosted by thousands of users round the world. DARKPICO coin is ASCII text file and accessible to all or any. With DARKPICO coin, you're your own bank. solely you management and are answerable for your funds. Your accounts and transactions are unbroken personal.


All transactions are executed over blockchain, making secure and bringing full transparency to customers and investors


A market structure that consists of a network of various technical devices that enables investors to create a marketplace without a centralized location.


Darkpicocoin is an open source project that's designed by developers and supported by a chop-chop growing community of enthusiasts.


Darkpico coin is powered by scalable and advance Blockchain technology to modify payments instant and settlement with it outstanding technology.


Powered by the peer-to-peer and advance Blockchain technology Darkpico coin modify dealings for tends to zero price payments to anyone within the world.


Darkpico coin permits users to create commerce anonymously on the network to retain the privacy of their dealing with it Blockchain digital cash technology.

Road Map

Darkpico Coin token selling start on July 2018, however DPC project idea the integration of blockchain and creation of Darkpico Coin came at later stage. development is taking place nonstop to prepare projects and keep them in best condition.

Launch of the Idea


Implementation & Development of planned


Market Framework planned


Core Development team started development


- DPC coin Pre Sale (Phase - 1)                   - DPC coin Main ICO Sale (Phase - 2)


DPC coin Main ICO Sale (Phase - 3)


Wallet Launch


DPC Coin Listing on other Major Exchanges


Launch of Tradepico Exchange & Trade DPC Coin

December - 2018

Support and Partnership use case


Launch of Debit Card


Professional Warriors

Darkpico coin team is expanding, to join us as adviser, investors, Marketing, Financing or Developers send at info@darkpicocoin.co

team memeber
Chris Nelson
team memeber
Shuhei Ishizaki
Co-Founder & HOCC
team memeber
Steeve Metwally
IT security & Developer
team memeber
Angelo Patti
Networking Head
team memeber
Lisa Ivanov
Market analysis
team memeber
Claudio Baronti
Director of Finance
team memeber
Rita Nocchi
Community Manager
team memeber
Dana Jones
Community Manager

We are in News

DPC registered in major ico alert forums and news. Darkpico coin is trusted by all major initial coin offering news website and forums.

We are now listed on @icoalert, the trusted source for ICO information! Check us out now! icoalert.com

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Contact Us


Here are most asked questions about Darkpico Coin if you have any more inquiry please don't hesitate to send us a mail at info@darkpicocoin.co

We are a new concept providing customers the ability to invest in Darkpico Tokens which increase in value every phase. You have complete control over your investment at all times. The price is fixed and buyers and sellers place their orders on a first come first served basis. If you happen to miss out, there is always the next phase of trade. Future token prices can be found on our website.

We generate revenue by charging a small administration fee of 1% when you sell your Darkpico tokens on exchange. This fee funds the overheads for running service, advertising and employment costs.

With any investment there is always risks, crypto platforms have traditionally been at the higher end of the risk spectrum due to the low barrier of entry. Simply, we don’t have any motive to close down the platform as we don’t control tokens and our underlying success is based on the community and using our platform long term.

Darkpico Coin implementing referral bonus during ICO of 3%. More coins in addition to a referral program with approx minimum 0.005 BTC instant directly in your Bitcoin wallet address.

Go to signup or your referral link and fill the details like name, username, email, contact and secrete password and signup.! you have to verify your email by clicking verify email button after signup

Customer has to buy minimum amount of tokens for eligible to withdraw referral bonus. Go to -> Referral Price (BTC) menu and send withdraw request with your Bitcoin address.

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